Responsible drinking

Promoting responsible drinking

Distell is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen. Our sustainability focus includes reducing our impact on the environment, accelerating transformation and skills development, promoting responsible drinking to persons over the age of 18 years, sustaining the welfare of our communities and providing a healthy working environment for our people.

As a major producer of alcoholic beverages, it is incumbent upon Distell to do its utmost to encourage a culture of responsible drinking. By this we mean the moderate consumption of alcohol as an acceptable and enjoyable way to celebrate and relax. In contrast, where alcohol is abused, it can harm people who drink irresponsibly, as well as others around them.

"In response, Distell endeavours to address issues of irresponsible drinking, thereby supporting the communities it serves."

The government's thinking is summarised in its `Anti-substance Abuse programme of Action, 2011-2016', which was released after the Inter-Ministerial Committee's Biennial Summit on Substance Abuse in Durban in March 2011. The programme sets out specific objectives and outcomes aimed at reducing the level and impact of substance abuse. Concerns raised by government include South Africa's abnormally high rate of FAS, DWI, under-age and binge drinking among the youth, and irresponsible advertising.

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