Job Creation & Entrepreneurship

Creative Arts Job Creation and Entrepreneurship Programmes

"Good design is good business." – Thomas Watson Jr.
It’s all about: Inspiration, creativity, talent, ideas, innovation, passion, confidence, business, originality, integrity, experience, respect and reputation. 

The Distell Foundation assists a range of small-scale creative arts projects, artisans, crafters and creatives to acquire the necessary skills to hopefully flourish in the retail environment. The accent of its support is currently mainly in Stellenbosch, the home of Distell.

The projects support skills development projects which in return stimulate entrepreneurship and small business development. We especially support entrepreneurship development in the arts and crafts, visual arts, photography, film and design sectors. A variety of skills which are acquired through workshops and mentoring programmes positively impact on people living under challenging socio-economic conditions and poverty.

The Distell Foundation supports projects such as:

The Afrigami Project – an origami-inspired project of LivingIt (NPO), is the outlet for a community based skills project inspired by African fauna and flora and people's life stories. A permanent art installation “The Afrigami Bird Sanctuary” is on exhibition at Oude Libertas to generate interest and promote the unity in diversity of all people and cultures, as well as environmental conservation. Art therapy programmes are linked to this project, thus helping individuals to build capacity for human development and mindful living.

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The uVuyo Women's Handcraft Project – “Uvuyo” means Joy and hope brings joy. This is the moto of this skills transfer programme based in Kayamandi in Stellenbosch where unemployed women are taught skills to earn a living through sewing and embroidery in a safe and caring environment.

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The Keiskamma Women’s Embroidery Art Project – The Keiskamma Trust promotes health and hope through art, music, HIV/AIDS treatment, poverty alleviation projects and education initiatives in the village of Hamburg and its surroundings in the Eastern Cape. Their women’s embroidery projects provide many people with the skills, materials and training to create beautiful artworks. In so doing, people grow respect for themselves and generate vital income in an area of limited employment opportunities. The Keiskamma Art Project’s most famous artworks to date are the Keiskamma Altarpiece and the Keiskamma Tapestry. Both large artworks carry the message of hope in the fight against HIV/AIDS to audiences around the world.

They have an annual exhibition at Oude Libertas Art Gallery to showcase and sell their artwork.

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These projects are supported by the Distell Foundation in in collaboration with the economic development agency, Cause; the Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography ; the Cape Craft & Design Institute; Stellenbosch Crafts Alive and Stellenbosch 360 Tourism.

Individuals or groups additionally receive opportunities to showcase and sell their products  either at the Ithemba Crafts Shop as part of Stellenbosch 360 Tourism Office or at exhibitions hosted at the Oude Libertas Gallery, the Slowmarket on Saturdays or at ad-hoc selected pop-up shops.

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