Anti-bribery, corruption and fraud

We believe in ethical business

Distell is committed to doing business ethically and to complying fully with local and international anti-bribery, corruption & fraud (new) laws and to continuously conduct business with integrity and with proper regard for ethical business practices. Distell has a zero tolerance approach to acts of bribery and corruption by its personnel or anyone acting on its behalf. The companyexpects all its directors, employees and anyone acting on its behalf to comply with these principles and to act in the best interest of the company at all times.

Distell is committed to protecting its revenue, expenditure, assets and reputation from any attempt by any person to gain financial or other benefit in an unlawful, dishonest or unethical manner.

"Fraud, corruption, theft, maladministration of funds or any other dishonest activities of a similar nature will not be tolerated."

Incidents and suspicious activities will be investigated and where illicit activity is confirmed, responsible parties will be subjected to disciplinary measures and where applicable, prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

No Distell employee or associated person may directly or indirectly bribe a government official or any third party. Similarly, no Distell employee or associated person may receive anything of value in exchange for performing their duties disloyally or illegally. Any demand for, or offer of, a bribe must be rejected immediately and reported to the Distell Compliance Department.

Distell does not make and will not accept facilitation* payments of any kind and prohibits its employees and business partners from making these payments, even to secure or expedite a routine government action by a government official.

*Facilitation payments are low value payments made to government officials to induce them to perform routine functions (on favourable terms, expeditiously or at all).

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