As part of our ambition to create memorable moments and craft a better future for all our stakeholders, we promote responsible enjoyment of our products.

Our responsibility to promote responsible drinking extends into the communities where our products are consumed, and we are focused on combating the social and economic impact of alcohol abuse. We invest in harm prevention initiatives (including responsible advertising) and ensure that we expand our portfolio to offer consumers greater choice.

Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being at all ages is essential to sustainable development. For us at Distell, we recognise our responsibility to reduce alcohol abuse- related harm. Through programmes and partnerships, we primarily contribute to indicators under SDG 3. We indirectly contribute to SDGs 5 and 8.

Contributing to harm reduction

As a key player in the alcoholic beverages industry, we understand our responsibility to be part of the solution and reduce the harmful impact that alcohol abuse can have on health and well-being.

We encourage consumers to make responsible choices when it comes to alcohol consumption, this includes planning ahead to get #HomeSafe, using e-services like Uber, 1 For the Road and identifying a designated driver to ensure they do not drink and drive.

Offering our consumers more choice

While there is an increasing call from wellness-focused consumers for premium non-alcoholic and low-alcohol experiences, they still desire the same depth of flavour and sense of occasion associated with alcoholic drinks. We continue to innovate by growing our offering and providing consumers with an expanded selection of non-alcoholic and low-alcohol products.

Making sure we advertise responsibly

We use our marketing expertise to encourage consumption with care and deliver high-impact campaigns that will positively impact consumer behaviour. We also comply with the principles set out in the Aware Code of Communication regarding responsible advertising and communication.