Our employees are critical in enabling us to shape the future and craft a legacy. We are committed to creating a positive and safe work environment with opportunities for career development.

Our Employee Value Proposition

Our workplace must provide our employees with what they need most to grow and remain motivated, passionate and committed to Distell. Our Employee Value Proposition focuses on:

  • Great company, culture and leaders
  • Well-being
  • Exciting work
  • Development opportunities
  • Reward

Supporting our employees through learning and development programmes

We are committed to growing Distell’s future leaders and investing in training programmes that include internships, learnerships, skills programmes, apprenticeships and adult basic education.

Enhancing employee wellness, health and safety

We are serious about providing our employees with a working environment where they feel safe and can do their job without any risk to their health and well-being.

Ensuring sound employee relations and fair employment practices

We are committed to sound employee relations and fair employment practices in line with relevant labour legislation, our code of ethics and conduct, conditions of employment, collective bargaining agreements and our corrective action code.

Creating a diverse working environment

We strive to be representative of all South Africans and everyone who represents our business operations outside of South Africa. This ambition shapes our corporate culture and pushes us to work harder to attract and retain diverse talent. Achieving our transformation and diversity ambitions also depends on our ability to embrace each employee’s potential and ensure they feel that Distell is invested in their future and the legacy they will leave behind.