Distell’s SDG journey

Our SDG reporting journey continues to mature

  1. We concluded a workshop in 2018 to understand the SDGs and identify where Distell can make the most significant impact. Relevant SDGs were mapped to the activities and programmes along our value chain.
  2. To ensure a measurable contribution, we performed an exercise in 2019 to validate our chosen SDGs and their underlying targets against the key performance indicators tracked across our value chain. This process was done using an end-to-end data analytics platform that will give us complete oversight of our performance data and enable us to monitor our progress against and contribution to our chosen SDGs.
  3. As an outcome of this evidence-based assessment, we reviewed the SDGs reported on in 2018 to ensure they accurately reflect where our business activities and programmes can have a meaningful impact.
  4. We are now in the process of identifying specific targets per goal as well as key internal performance indicators that will be used to track our contribution to our chosen SDGs. These performance indicators will be aligned to our sustainability strategy and support our 2025 targets.

Our strategy to take us forward to 2025

We identified four strategic pillars that will guide our performance going forward.


We are committed to managing our environmental matters as an integral part of our business and our licence to thrive. This supports our key focus area managing our supply chain sustainably.


We are committed to ensuring that the communities in which we operate are better off because we are there. Our sustainability purpose also acts as a talent magnet for Distell. This supports our key focus areas empowering communities and promoting responsible drinking.


We are committed to embedding shared value in our management strategy by identifying business opportunities that also serve as solutions to social problems and, in doing so, achieve economic success. This supports our key focus area achieving transformation.


We are committed to leading Africa’s alcoholic beverage sector, by leveraging our Brands with Purpose and innovating the ‘use to reuse’ of produce waste and by-products. This supports our key focus areas ‘managing our supply chain sustainably and achieving transformation.

These pillars are aligned to the key areas along our value chain, namely promoting responsible drinking, achieving transformation, managing our supply chain sustainably and empowering communities. For each pillar of our strategy, we are in the process of setting ambitious sustainability targets to take us forward to 2025 and want to align these targets to our primary and secondary SDGs.

We take great care to ensure good governance of sustainability

Our sustainability strategy is overseen by the sustainability council, which was established in 2017 and provides critical oversight of the various sustainability functions within Distell. Council membership includes senior management and the Group CEO. The council is headed by Bridgitte Backman, our director of corporate and regulatory affairs. The council meets quarterly and monitors Distell’s action plans and performance against set metrics relating to:

  • SHERQ (safety, health, environment, risk and quality);
  • Public policy (industry and geography-related) and regulatory affairs;
  • B-BBEE and transformation;
  • Corporate social investment;
  • Enterprise and supplier development; and
  • Human rights and social compliance.

The ultimate custodian of sustainability at Distell is our social and ethics committee, which oversees our sustainability performance and provides feedback to our board on whether it believes the business is fulfilling its social and ethical obligations as a good and responsible corporate citizen. The social and ethics committee takes a principles-based approach, guided by regulation 43 of the Companies Regulations and the ten principles of the UNGC.